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We are very excited to announce the final results of The Vriksh Fellowship.


We had received more than 150 applications for this fellowship. Through these applications, we have been so delighted to read about inspiring work being done by so many of our young social leaders in diverse fields including Education, Livelihood Generation, Women Empowerment, Healthcare, Regenerative Farming, Food Processing, Waste Management, Sports, Menstrual Hygiene, LGBTQUAI rights, Spiritual Awakening etc. 

It has really been a very challenging task for us to screen these applications for the selection of a few fellowships that we can provide. 

We now have 7 Vriksh fellows who we will be supporting over the next year with their personal finances
(Rs 12,000 per month). They come from varied backgrounds and are working in different areas, but the one thing they have in common is their passion for their work.

In addition to providing the monthly support, we also aim to design mentorship-cum-leadership programs for our fellows with your support. Kindly use the given Razorpay link for making your contribution towards their social journeys.

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